These are Bible Studies I've written in service of Reading University Christian Union between 2003-2007. They're written on the conviction that the word of God is living and active, capable of destroying nations, of creating universes, of awakening the soul, of raising the dead, of exposing motives and of causing God-glorifying transformation. To come to the word of God to simply learn is to miss the point. We come to taste and see that which is more precious than gold. Come and gaze on glory! Undoubtedly they're not the best studies the world has ever seen, but if they can be of some service to the wider church then that's great. They're not really designed to be used straight off the page, but intentionally written to require some extra preparation by the leader. They're a tool to lead you to worship Jesus in his word. Feel free to edit and adapt but not sell them.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Overview of the Cell Notes at Gaze on Glory

The cell notes at Gaze on Glory were written for the Reading University Christian Union, tailored to their context and combined with weekly training provided by UCCF staff and relay for the CU cell leaders. The programme was devised by student leaders with UCCF staff.

Weekly training was provided in a lunchtime session each week, supplemented by a weekend away at the start of February for new leaders and by some additional training afternoons through the year. The aims being to grow student leaders in grace as they gaze upon the glory of God in his gospel in the word, being transformed by the Spirit and to be equipped them to study God's word with other students.

The pattern of studies is based on the conviction that it's good to study God's word in the way it's given - i.e. book by book. Over the course of four years we wanted to spend time in all four gospel and get a good diet from across the OT and NT.

New cell leaders took up their roles in the Spring term and it made sense to study a NT letter then since these are often the easiest to lead a study on. Competence is hopefully attained by the summer term in the more tricky OT books, and the cell leader can ably lead a group with many new students studying a gospel in the autumn.

Autumn - Mark 1-8
Spring - Ephesians
Summer - 2 Chronicles & Esther

Autumn - Luke 9-19
Spring - 1 Corinthians 1-4, 12-14
Summer - Habakkuk & Joel

Autumn - John
Spring - 1 Peter, 2 Timothy
Summer - Jonah & Ruth

Autumn - Matthew
Spring - Philippians
Summer - Isaiah 6-12

Additional resources and studies at Gaze on Glory are notes for 121 Discipleship, Cell Group related resources and other papers and training material written to serve Christian Unions in mission.